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Wind Beneath my Wings ©Andi Callahan - Coyote StudioAndi Callahan has been professionally involved in the art world since 1985. Initially she was a raku potter specializing in thrown, decorative pieces with iridescent metallic glazes. Years later she was drawn into fused glass due to the range of colors available, principally in dichroic glass. She specialized in larger fused glass sculptures with saturated colors. She has recently retired her glass studio work and now concentrates on jewelry.

Andi is an accomplished self-taught jeweler. With color, again, being her primary motivation, her pallet includes Opals, Sapphires, Diamonds and other semi-precious and “delicious” stones. Currently her work is available at selected art shows, galleries, and through this website.

Please feel free to contact Andi with any questions you may have. Her studio is available only by appointment.



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